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From Robert Muir <>
Subject Re: New codecs keep Freq skip/omit Pos
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2011 02:21:18 GMT
On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 9:52 PM, Alex vB <> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I am currently testing several new Lucene 4.0 codec implementations to
> compare with an own solution.
> The difference is that I am only indexing frequencies and not positions. I
> would like to have this for the other codecs. I know there was already a
> post for this topic
> I just wanted to ask if there has something changed especially for the new
> codecs.
> I had a look at the FixedPostingWriterImpl and PostingsConsumer. Are those
> they right places for adapting Pos/Freq handling? What would happen if I
> just skip writing postions/payloads? Would it mess up the index?

Unless lots of things are changed about the code :)

All of the code here currently assumes omitTF means omitTFAP (freqs
and positions are omitted). So for it to work it would be good to have
an omitP, and if omitTF=true then omitP is also set to true, but omitP
can be true and omitTF = false. Every place that currently checks if
(omitTF) would need to be evaluated, to determine if it should really
be "if (omitP)" instead. For example, when setting up blockreaders for
a bulkpostingsenum with positions, we would set the positions block
reader to null when omitP = true instead of when omitTF=true.

The Fixed layout is very experimental and messy at the moment, it
might be easier to ignore it and start with Sep (when creating a
FixedIntBlock codec, you can easily choose which layout, just choose
SepPostingsWriter etc instead of FixedPostingsWriter).

The reason I say its probably easier, is that Sep makes much less
assumptions/optimizations and would be easier to modify: it creates
separate .doc, .frq, and .pos files which can all be different block
sizes or even different compression algorithms.

On the other hand, the whole point of the Fixed layout is to take
advantage of the fact that block size is the same across doc, freq,
and pos (it interleaves doc and freq into .doc), and to work the
postings somewhat in "parallel" using skipBlock() when possible. So
this one would be more difficult at the moment due to its nature.

> The written files have different endings like pyl, skp, pos, doc etc. Gives
> me "not counting" the pos file a correct index size estimation for W Freqs
> W/O Pos? Or where exactly are term positions written?

Well its not totally just subtracting the .pos file, for example there
are pointers to the .pos file in the terms dictionary, skipdata for
the .pos file, etc etc that will be smaller if there is no pos file
(as they dont need to exist)... but these are more things that have to
also be modified to support omitting positions without omitting
frequencies, and I havent even thought about all the other places (i
am sure there are many!).

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