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From Erik Fäßler <>
Subject Solr 1.4.1: Weird query results
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2011 19:59:27 GMT
  Hallo there,

my issue qualifies as newbie question I guess, but I'm really a bit 
confused. I have an index which has not been created by Solr. Perhaps 
that's already the point although I fail to see why this should be an 
issue with my problem.

I use the admin interface to check which results particular queries 
bring in. My index documents have a field "text" which holds the 
document text. This text has only been white space tokenized. So in my 
schema, the type for this field is "text_ws". My schema says 

When I now search for, say, 'marine' (without quotes), I don't get any 
search results. But when I search '"marine"' (that is, embraced by 
double quotes) I get my document hits. Alternatively, I can prepend the 
field name: 'text:marine' and will also get my results.

Similar with this phrase query: "marine mussels", where "In marine 
mussels of the genus" is a text snippet of a document. The phrase 
"marine mussels" won't give any hits. Searching for 'text:"marine 
mussels"' will give me the exact document containing this text snippet.

I'm sure this has quite a simple explanation but I'm unable to find it 
right now ;-) Perhaps you can help with that.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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