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From S├ębastien Heymann <>
Subject Google Summer of Code proposal with Lucene
Date Sun, 27 Mar 2011 02:50:20 GMT
Hi all,

Gephi organization (, open-source graph visualization
plaform is looking for students application about integrating Lucene
to Gephi.

If you look around you, you may notice that networks are everywhere.
For instance, social networks, relationships among people or computer
networks, links between computers. Transportations routes, power
grids, emails networks or the relations between scientific papers are
other examples of networks. The ability to analyze, manipulate and
represent a network is a key-feature for solving difficult problems
and boost knowledge discovery in many disciplines.

You may already know how Google SoC works, basically a student will
receive payment ($5,000) for working on a mentoring open-source

Short version of the Lucene Proposal:

Networks are generally associated with data. Considering a social
network, people have attributes like age, gender, country and more
subtle info.

In Gephi, attributes are all the data related to nodes and edges and
are organized in a row-column system. Columns could be any type like
String or Double and rows are elements (nodes or edges). The current
system is entirely loaded into memory and obviously becomes very large
when manipulating large graphs with many attributes.
The aim is to use Lucene to store attributes on the disk and index
them in order to be searchable. The system should have a well-designed
cache system to handle heavy read access on some elements. Though the
need is not as critical as the graph structure, several features in
Gephi need in-memory attributes to work properly.

Gephi will sponsor the purchrase of a Lucene book if necessary.

More info:

Instructions to apply:

Quick demonstration video:

I'm interested with comments about feasability of this project and so on ;)

Best Regards,
S├ębastien Heymann

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