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From Trejkaz <>
Subject a faster way to addDocument and get the ID just added?
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2011 00:31:25 GMT
Hi all.

I'm trying to parallelise writing documents into an index.  Let's set
aside the fact that 3.1 is much better at this than 3.0.x... but I'm
using 3.0.3.

One of the things I need to know is the doc ID of each document added
so that we can add them into auxiliary database tables which are keyed
by it.  If multiple threads are using the same writer, I can still do
this as follows:

    IndexWriter writer;
    boolean parallel;

    // ...

    private int addDocument(String guid, ...) {
        Document doc = new Document();
        doc.add(new Field("guid", guid, Store.YES, Index.ANALYZED));
        // eliding other fields

        if (parallel) {
            IndexReader realTimeReader = writer.getReader();
            try {
                TermDocs termDocs = realTimeReader.termDocs();
                try {
           Term("guid", guid));
                    if ( {
                        return termDocs.doc();
                    } else {
                        throw new IllegalStateException(String.format(
                            "We added item with GUID %s but it wasn't
found immediately afterwards", guid));
                } finally {
            } finally {
        } else {
            return writer.maxDoc();

Benchmarking this for a single thread, there is a difference in cost
between doing it using a search and doing it by calling maxDoc(), as
you might expect:

    Time for parallel-safe version: 147.561s
    Time for unsafe version: 62.603s

Is there a way to achieve this result with less overhead?

(Note: for reasons of performance, we cannot use a field to store an
ID to use for database tables, as this is several orders of magnitude
slower when you need to build a filter based on a database query.)


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