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From James Wilson <>
Subject Re: about pdf search
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2011 17:52:09 GMT
Cescy wrote:
> Hi,
> I am developing a pdf search engine, just use in local computer to search massive pdf
> I used pdfbox+lucene to index and search, and then I have to display the context to the
user in pdf file in user interface. HOW CAN I ACHIEVE THIS???

I have completed a project to do the exact same thing.  I put the pdf
text in XML files.  Then after I do a Lucene search I read the text from
the XML files.  I do not store the text in the Lucene index.  That would
bloat the index and slow down my searches.  FYI -- I use PDFBox to
extract the "searchable" text and I use tesseract (OCR) to extract the
text from the images within the PDFs.  In order to make tesseract work
correctly I have to use ImageMagick to do many modification to the
images so that tesseract can OCR them correctly.  Image modification/OCR
is a slow process and it is extremely resource intensive (CPU 
utilization specifically -- Disk IO to a lesser extent).

As far as displaying the extracted text I would use an AJAX framework 
that would provide a nice pop-up view of the text.  This pop-up should
also have built in paging.  I use Lucene's built in hi-lighting of
matches as well.

Oh almost forgot -- I use PDFBox to extract the images from the PDFs.


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