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From L Duperval <>
Subject Re: Use of PrefixQuery to create multi-word queries
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2011 20:07:03 GMT
Philip Puffinburger <ppuffinburger <at>> writes:
> We only do the PrefixQuery which is against the keyword field ("brown dog" 
> is a single term as is "the brown dog").   We don't have a BooleanQuery 
> like you do, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

Ahh. OK, so you probably aren't using a whitespace analyzer like we are. We
chose whitespace because we wanted to be able to search for multiple words, no
matter where they occurred in the text. That way, we could (wanted to?) match
"brown dog" with "the brown dog" or "the horse has a brown dog". We had thought
of breaking up our date in multiple pieces like you are doing but were worried
about memory and performance (we're storing the index in RAM). I think about 

Thanks for all the information. I'll do some testing on my end to see if I can
do better than what I've got. I'll also have to possibly rethink some of our
features (i.e. matching from the start of the title instead of the matching
anywhere as we are currently doing).

Thanks for your generosity,


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