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From Adriano Crestani <>
Subject Re: 3.0.3 Contrib Query Parser : Custom Field Name Builder
Date Sat, 08 Jan 2011 06:32:20 GMT
Hi Christopher,

Thanks for raising this problem, I always thought a little bit strange to
use CharSequence as map key. Then a just did a little bit of research and
found this on CharSequence javadoc:

"This interface does not refine the general contracts of the
 and hashCode<>
 methods. The result of comparing two objects that implement CharSequence is
therefore, in general, undefined. Each object may be implemented by a
different class, and there is no guarantee that each class will be capable
of testing its instances for equality with those of the other. It is
therefore inappropriate to use arbitrary CharSequence instances as elements
in a set or as keys in a map."

So I think every Set or Map that uses CharSequence on contrib queryparser
should be forced to use String instead. I think there is no need to change
any API, we just need to make sure that toString() is invoked on the
CharSequence object before adding it to any Set or Map, this way we can fix
this problem for next 3.x release. However, for 4.x, we should ideally
change every API that receives or return Map<CharSequence,...> or
Set<CharSequence> to use only String.

On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 8:44 PM, Christopher St John <>wrote:

> I'm trying to:
>  StandardQueryTreeBuilder b = …;
>  b.setBuilder( "myfield", fieldSpecificBuilder);
> In the debugger I see that the builder is registered in the
> QueryTreeBuilder's fieldNameBuilders map.
> When parsing, QueryTreeBuilder.getBuilder tries to look
> up the builder by using the FieldableNode's field but the
> debugger says the node's field is an UnescapedCharSequence,
> not a String, and the lookup fails.
> Registering the builder with an UnescapedCharSequence
> for the name instead of a String doesn't seem to help,
> presumably because UCS doesn't have a hash an equals
> or hash method.
> Suggestions? I've worked around it by registering a class
> based builder, checking for the field name and either
> delegating to the original builder or doing my custom
> processing, but it's a little awkward.
> -cks
> --
> Christopher St. John
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