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From Yakob <>
Subject Re: precision and recall in lucene
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2010 13:40:32 GMT
On 11/29/10, Erick Erickson <> wrote:
> Define precision. Define recall. Define measure <G>....
> Sorry to give in to my impulses, but this question is so broad it's
> unanswerable. Try looking at the Text REtrieval Conference for instance.
> Lots of very bright people spend significant amounts of their careers
> trying to just define what these mean. Much less how to measure them.
> And what "good" precision and recall are varies
> with the search space. And the users. An academic researcher may
> be willing to spend days finding the one paper out there that speaks
> to a very specific question. Your average web user won't click past
> the 2nd page, maybe not the 1st.
> So perhaps you can tell us what it is you want these measures
> for and maybe we can come up with some answers that are actually
> helpful...
> Best
> Erick

well when I read the ebook of "lucene in action" I came across this sentence.

"Searching is the process of looking up words in an index to find
documents where
they appear. The quality of a search is typically described using precision and
recall metrics. Recall measures how well the search system finds
relevant documents,
whereas precision measures how well the system filters out the irrelevant

I am just thinking of how to measure the precision and recall metrics
in lucene? I mean I just wanted to do an analysis of precision and
recall in my thesis that happened to use lucene as the framework. :-)


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