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From Bernd Fehling <>
Subject Re: not indexing analyzed field
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2010 14:54:37 GMT
Hi Erik,

I see my problem, caused by a misunderstanding of the indexing by lucene.
I guess its due to the fact that FAST Data Search has real processing pipelines.

Youre right I use Solr but, as a matter of fact, in this special case
I really want to change the indexed _and_ stored data.
For security reasons I have to MD5 or even better SHA256 strings which
go into a field. So where is the sense if I SHA256 the string but
still display the plain text of the stored field?

So the Analyzer or Filter should MessageDigest the content and index and
store it as MessageDigest.

Can this be achived somehow with Analyzer or Filter,
what is your opinion?

May be a hint which classes to use?

Kind regards,

Am 26.11.2010 15:05, schrieb Erick Erickson:
> So, you're using Solr, right? And have a custom analyzer? If that's the
> case, Uwe pointed you in the right direction and I think everything may
> be working fine, or at least as I'd expect.
> Specifying stored="true" puts a verbatim, unanalyzed copy of the data
> in the index. When you display a field in a document (i.e. query
> on *:*) the *stored* value is returned, *not* the results of analysis. The
> stored
> value has nothing to do with what's searched.
> To see if I've got it right, go into the admin page of solr, click on
> "schema browser",
> and then the field dcdocid should have the MD5 in it. If that's true, then
> Solr
> is working as expected.
> If the analyzed values were returned, humans would be in a world of hurt
> since
> all the transformations would be applied and results pages would have
> gibberish.
> Imagine applying lowercase and stemming to input for "Running on Empty",
> your
> display would be something like "run on empti".
> And if you're doing pure lucene, you can see this by enumerating the terms
> in your
> dcdocid field.
> Best
> Erick
> On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 2:10 AM, Bernd Fehling <
>> wrote:
>> Hi Erik,
>> my evidence is that I load a single document into an empty index
>> with a field "id" and a second field "dcdocid". The field "dcdocid"
>> has the word "foo". This goes through my analyzer and changes to
>> MD5 string which is then "acbd18db4cc2f85cedef654fccc4a4d8".
>> After indexing and commit a search for *:* shows me "foo" for
>> the field "dcdocid" and not my MD5.
>> my fieldType:
>> <fieldType name="text_md" class="solr.TextField" omitNorms="true" >
>>  <analyzer type="index"
>> class="de.ubbielefeld.solr.analysis.TextMessageDigestAnalyzer" />
>> </fieldType>
>> <!-- UNIQUE ID -->
>> <field name="id" type="string" indexed="true" stored="true" required="true"
>> />
>> <field name="dcdocid" type="text_md" indexed="true" stored="true" />
>> <copyField source="id" dest="dcdocid" />
>> Using the debugger shows that the value in question is going
>> through the TextMessageDigestAnalyzer and coming out as MD5
>> but it is not as MD5 in the index.
>> I also tried a filter but no success.
>> So why is something that is analyzed (and the value has changed
>> due to analysis) not stored with its new value in the index?
>> Best regards,
>> Bernd
>> Am 25.11.2010 18:18, schrieb Erick Erickson:
>>> What is your evidence that "the result never reaches the index?"
>>> Are you sure:
>>> 1> you commit afterwards
>>> 2> you reopen the underlying reader to see
>>> 3> if you don't store the value for the field, how are you sure?
>>> 4> If you search and don't find it, did you index it?
>>> First, I'd be sure the value in question is in the document just before
>>> sending it to be added to your index to see if the value you think
>>> is in there really is. Something like Document.get() and see if
>>> Best
>>> Erick
>>> On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 8:08 AM, Bernd Fehling <
>>>> wrote:
>>>> I used KeywordAnalyzer and KeywordTokenizer as templates for
>>>> a new analyzer.
>>>> The analyzer works fine but the result never reaches the index.
>>>> My analyzer is called in "DocInverterPerField.processFields"
>>>> with "stream.incrementToken()".
>>>> ...
>>>> try {
>>>>    boolean hasMoreTokens = stream.incrementToken();
>>>>    fieldState.attributeSource = stream;
>>>>    OffsetAttribute offsetAttribute =
>>>> fieldState.attributeSource.addAttribute(OffsetAttribute.class);
>>>>    PositionIncrementAttribute posIncrAttribute =
>> fieldState.attributeSource.addAttribute(PositionIncrementAttribute.class);
>>>>    consumer.start(field);
>>>> ...
>>>> The result goes to "fieldState.attributeSource" but is not in "field".
>>>> So "field.fieldsData" still has the old content before calling my
>>>> analyzer. And when calling "consumer.start(field)" the old content
>>>> is going to the index and not the new analyzed one.
>>>> Does the analyzer has to care about "Fieldable field.fieldsData"
>>>> or who is responsible for it?
>>>> Regards
>>>> Bernd

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