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From Lev Bronshtein <>
Subject RE: MultiFieldQueryParser
Date Sun, 17 Oct 2010 19:52:24 GMT

> Why don't you use the parse method without the flags?
> public static Query parse(Version matchVersion, String[] queries,
> String[] fields,
> Analyzer analyzer) throws ParseException

Thank you for the suggestion Simon. 

However the point is that I want to apply one query as opposed to queries[] to fields[]. 
So if all I have is one query and 30 fields I wil have to create a query[30] array and copy
the same value over and over I presume.  I solved that problem exactly the same way but with
fields, I took one value SHOULD and repliacated that.  The issue is not feasability, but
just the kludginess of doing something like that.  


Lev Bronshtein
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