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From Mike Sokolov <>
Subject proposed change to CharTokenizer
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 16:08:02 GMT
Background: I've been trying to enable hit highlighting of XML documents 
in such a way that the highlighting preserves the well-formedness of the 

I thought I could get this to work by implementing a CharFilter that 
extracts text from XML (somewhat like HTMLStripCharFilter, except I am 
using an XML parser - however I think the concept is also applicable to 
HTMLStripCharFilter) while preserving the offsets of the text in the 
original XML document so as to enable highlighting.

I ran into a problem in CharTokenizer.incrementToken(), which calls 
correctOffset() as follows:

     offsetAtt.setOffset(correctOffset(start), correctOffset(start+length));

The issue is that the end offset is computed as the offset of the 
beginning of the *next* block of text rather than the offset of the end 
of *this* block of text.

In my test case:

<p><b>bold text</b> regular text</p>

I get tokens like this ([] showing token boundaries):

                [bold] [text</b>][regular][text</p>]

instead of:


I don't think this problem can be fixed by jiggling offsets, or indeed 
by wrapping or extending CharTokenizer in any straightforward way.  The 
fix I found is to change the line in CharTokenizer.incrementToken() to:


Again, conceptually, this computes the corrected offset of the last 
character in the token, and then marks the end of the token as the 
immediately following position, rather than including all the garbage 
characters in between the end of this token and the beginning of the next.

My impression is that this change should be completely 
backwards-compatible since its behavior will be identical for 
CharFilters that don't actually perform character deletion, and AFAICT 
the only existing CharFilter performs replacements and expansions (of 
ligatures and the like).  But my knowledge of Lucene is far from 
Does this seem like a reasonable patch?


Michael Sokolov
Engineering Director

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