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From Koji Sekiguchi <>
Subject question about Scorer.freq()
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2010 01:59:00 GMT

I'd like to know which field got hit in each doc in the hit results.
To implement it, I thought I could use Scorer.freq() which
was introduced 3.1/4.0:

But I didn't become successful so far. What I did is:

- in each visit methods in MockScorerVisitor (borrowed TestSubScorerFreqs),
  if child query is TermQuery (for simple PoC), add the pair of
  child query and scorer in a collection:

    if (collect.contains(Occur.MUST_NOT) && child instanceof TermQuery)
      tqsSet.add( new TermQueryScorer( (TermQuery)child, scorer ) );

  where tqsSet is:

    Set<TermQueryScorer> tqsSet = new HashSet<TermQueryScorer>();

  and TermQueryScorer is:

    private static class TermQueryScorer {
      private TermQuery query;
      private Scorer scorer;
      public TermQueryScorer( TermQuery query, Scorer scorer ){
        this.query = query;
        this.scorer = scorer;

- in collector.collect() method:

    public void collect(int doc) throws IOException {
      int freq = 0;
      for( TermQueryScorer tqs : tqsSet ){
        Scorer scorer = tqs.scorer;
        int matchId = scorer.docID();
        if( matchId == doc ){
          freq += scorer.freq();
      docCounts.put(doc + docBase, freq);

But freq was always zero.

In collect() method of TestSubScorerFreqs, scorer is BooleanScorer2,
then the matchId == doc condition is true. But in my case, matchId which is
got from TermScorer never equal to doc.

Can I use the feature of LUCENE-2590 to know not only freq but also
which field got hit?

Thank you,


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