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From Jamie <>
Subject Re: File Handle Leaks During Lucene 3.0.2 Merge
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2010 09:26:06 GMT

If I recall correctly when you call writer.getReader(), the returned 
IndexReader can consume alot of memory with large indexes. To ensure 
that the same index reader is reused across multiple search threads, I 
keep a cached copy of the reader and return it. If a search thread 
closes the reader, then it will be closed for the other search threads 
and the search will fail. From my test, the finalize method in 
VolumeIndexReader example I gave you is called. The file handle leaks 
are coming from the core index loop, where I call .commit() as opposed 
to closing the index. Since the writer stays open, handles left by merge 
operations are never deleted. A solution is too close the index 
periodically to force the handles to be swept up by the OS.


On 2010/09/30 10:55 AM, Uwe Schindler wrote:
> The finalize() thing does not work correctly, as the reader holds still
> references to other stuff when not explicitely closed. As it references
> them, the finalizer() is never called, as it is not to be gc'd.
> You must close the reader explicit, that's all. So just close it afterusing.
> With Near Realtime Search, you normally get an IR, then wrap it with
> IndexSearcher, do your search, and close it after that. You can even call
> writer.getReader() from different threads, refcounting will close the
> readers correctly. So for each request, take a new one and close after
> usage.
> Uwe

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