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From Gennadiy Kozlenko <>
Subject Too many open files
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2010 13:47:07 GMT
To make a search by lucene we use Web application that is working in the 
servlet-container tomcat.

Periodically we update the search index by adding and removing some of 
the documents. To update the index we make the following actions:

1. Open the index
2. Add/delete documents
3. In case it is needed we optimize the index
4. Close the index

After the updates of search index were done we report the Web 
application that there are changes in the index. Web application does 
the following:

1. Close old index search object (before closing the application waits 
until all steams finish up the work with search index):

2. Create new index search object - searcher:
File file = new File(pathToIndex);
IndexSearcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(, true);

After a while, the Web application stops operating because of the error 
"Too many open files". If you look at a list of files that were opened 
by tomcat process (using the command "ls -la /proc/$PID/fd"),  you can 
see that there are a lot of deleted ".cfs" files.

There are no errors in the tomcat logs.

Can you help us to figure out why this situation is occurred and how to 
solve it up?

Thanks in advance.

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