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From Amin Mohammed-Coleman <>
Subject hit exception flushing segment _0 - IndexWriter configuration
Date Sun, 01 Aug 2010 19:00:28 GMT

I am currently building an application whereby there is a remote index server (yes it probably
does sound like Solr :)) and users use my API to send documents to the indexing server for
indexing.  The 2 methods primarily used is add and commit. So the user can send requests for
documents to be added to the index and then can call commit.  I did a test where i simulated
a user calling the add method 10 times and then in a separate method call invoked commit.
  The thing I noticed when i turned the verbose setting for the IndexWriter was:

hit exception flushing segment _0

It may be worth mention the settings I have for my index writer:

mergeFactor ="100" 
maxMergeDocs = "9999999" 

When i use my api to add 102 documents and then in a separate method call invoke a commit
I get no exception.  So I was wondering what is the best setting for the mergeFactor, and
should i be experiencing this exception after requesting a commit after adding 10 documents
to the index? 

Any help would be appreciated.

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