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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: No hits when querying multiple fields
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2010 21:10:22 GMT
Hmmmm, what analyzers are you using at index and query time? Are they

But I think your basic problem is phrases. Parsing text:"hello world"
the words "hello" and "world" to appear sequentially in the text field. Try
something like title:(+hello +world). But depending upon how you indexed
things, phrases may not be your problem here.

Your Boolean construction suffers from something similar. You asking to find
a single term that is exactly "hello world". If you analyzed your input at
index time
there would be terms "hello" and "world", but no *single *term "hello

You might get some insights by getting a copy of Luke and examining your
index to see if what's in there is what you expect....

Query 4 is probably succeeding because the default operator is OR. So it's
only matching on the id:"1" part.

Which is all very nice, but I have no good explanation why you can get your
document with either of your sub-queries but not the AND of the two. My *
is that you somehow don't have what you *think* you do in your index. Luke
help a lot here. Is it possible that you've indexed two different documents
match the two different parts of your query and that both don't actually
in your index in the same document? Perhaps you could re-run your test and
out the document ID along with the match.....

And if all that fails, try making a small, self-contained test case that
demonstrates this. I'd bet that you won't be able to and that in the course
of creating the test you'll have a forehead-slapping moment <G>..


On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 4:18 PM, Geir Gullestad Pettersen

> Consider the following two documents which I have added to my index:
> doc.add( new Field("text", "hello world", Field.Store.YES,
> > Field.Index.ANALYZED));
> > doc.add( new Field("id", "1", Field.Store.YES, Field.Index.ANALYZED));
> >
> Using the StandardQueryParser I can retrieve my document with either of
> these two queries:
> 1) title:"hello world"
> >
> and
> > 2) id:"1"
> >
> however, if I try AND'ing the above two, I get 0 results:
> > 3) title:"hello world" AND id:"1"
> >
> If I remove the AND  and modify the first term to something that i know is
> not in my document, I also find my document:
> > 4) title:"no match" id:"1"
> >
> i guess leaving out the keywork AND turns it into an OR query, not
> what
> I want.
> In the debugging process I have tried passing the toString() of the Query
> object returned from the StandardQueryParser to System.out, and it shows
> the
> following for the above queries:
> 1) *title:"hello world"* ->Query.toString()->* title:"hello world"*
> 2) *id:"1" ->* Query.toString ->* id:1*
> 3) *title:"hello world" AND id:"1"* -> Query.toString() -> *+title:"hello
> world" +id:1*
> 4) *title:"hello world" id:"1"* -> Query.toString() -> *title:"hello world"
> id:1
> *The only things noticable is quotations being removed from the "id"-term,
> and  #3 where the AND is removed and a + is prefixed the field names.
> Iunderstand that the + sign in front of the field name means that the term
> has to exist in that field, so essentially my queries seem to have been
> parsed as expected
> Queries 1,2 and 4 all return results as expected, but can anyone tell me
> why
> number #3 - the AND query - does not return my document? it is essentially
> an AND between query #1 and #2 which both match the document.
> I have also tried construction a query manually:
> BooleanQuery query = new BooleanQuery();
> > TermQuery textQuery = new TermQuery(new Term("text","hello world"));
> > TermQuery idQuery = new TermQuery(new Term("id","1"));
> > query.add(textQuery, Occur.MUST);
> > query.add(iddQuery, Occur.MUST);
> >
> .. but just as with the above query #3 I get nothing back. passing this
> Query's toString() output to System.out also gives me the same as for #3:
> 5) *title:"hello world" AND id:"1"* -> Query.toString() -> *+title:"hello
> world" +id:"1"*
> Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I just want to and queries
> #1 and #2 which both match my document when executed alone..
> Thank you very much,
> Geir Pettersen

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