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From Xaida <>
Subject Re: Hot to get word importance in lucene index
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 08:54:45 GMT

Hi! thanks for reply! I will try to explain better, sorry if it was unclear.

I have user text document collection. Not too big. Goal is to get the most
"important" concepts  which would in a way represent user interests.  That
is what i mean when i say important :)

So lets say, in my collection I have my school documents, i have some
snowboarding articles, i have some backpacking and easy travelling guides,
my favorite cooking recipes......and so on. Collection is more - less
supervised, so number of documents for each "area" is similar. Not equal,
but there is some balance.

So i would like, as result to get terms which are important in the entire
collection. For example, i think that term "cheese" should appear in my
results, because i know in my recipes there is a lot of cheese. Also i would
like to get the term "database"...from my school documents. And so on.

So nothing more smart comes to my mind than this :)
step 1 take one document
step 2 calculate tfidf for all its terms
step 3 take the terms with best tfidf and save them somewhere....
step 4 go to step 1......and so on for all the documents

And in the end to merge these results somehow :/

I guess there is better way :)

Thank you!!

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