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From Frank Geary <>
Subject Re: Index corruption using Lucene 2.4.1 - thread safety issue?
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2010 17:09:08 GMT

Just to conclude this issue, it seems that my theory below was correct.  I
implemented code at the time of my previous posting to "delete the last
IndexReader used whenever we re-create a new RAMDir IW" and we have not seen
the ArrayOutOfBounds Exception since.  Thus, the lesson here is never to
reopen an IndexReader from one RAMDir index to use for a different RAMDir
index.  It sometimes works, but will fail some of the time.

Frank Geary  

Frank Geary wrote:
> For the record - I haven't proven this yet - but here's my current theory
> of what is causing the problem:
> 1) We start with a new RAMDir IW[0] and do some deletes and adds.
> 2) We create at least one IndexReader based on that IW. The last of which
> we'll call IndexReader[A].
> 3) Then we switch to using the other RAMDir IW[1].
> 4) While using IW[1], we clear out IW[0] and create a new IW[0].  However,
> the last IndexReader, IndexReader[A], is left around.
> 5) Eventually, we switch to using the other newly re-created RAMDir IW[0]
> again.
> 6) The first search that comes in against RAMDir IW[0] trys to reopen
> IndexReader[A].  But IndexReader[A] has nothing to do with the newly
> re-created RAMDir index[0].  
> So my theory is that this confuses the IndexReader.reopen() code.  
> Therefore, we can perhaps fix the problem by deleting the last IndexReader
> used whenever we re-create any RAMDir IW.  Furthermore, this problem may
> be so infrequent because:
> a) It can only happen the first time after two RAMDir swaps.
> b) It may depend on what state IndexReader[A] was in when it was created.
> c) It may also depend on what state the new RAMDir IW is in when that
> first reopen() call is made using the old IndexReader[A].  
> d) If the first reopen for a new IW succeeds, we're fine until the next
> swap.
> e) If it fails, it could fail repeatedly or only once.
> I'll let you know when I determine if this theory is correct or not.
> Frank

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