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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Docs with any score are collected in the Collector implementations
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2010 16:18:48 GMT

: Thanks, have overseen this implementation. How to get solr configured to 
: use this wrapper collector? Or is this the wrong mailing list for this 
: question? :)
: As far as I read the solr code it is not meant to configure the collectors at all without
touching the code...

correct ... Collector "injection" is something that has never been figured 
out very well.  as for your original question...

: > Formerly the HitCollector stored only docs with score bigger than 
: 0.0f. This check is not implemented in any Collector implementation. 
: Especially in the two implementation used by solr: 

Unless i am remembering horribly incorrectly, the HitCollector used in 
Sol has always collected *matches* (regardless of wether the score was 
positive or negative) since hte first version of Solr -- that's how 
FunctionQueries worked correctly.

So while it's true that *some* of the HitCllectors shipped with Lucene may 
have changed wether they collect docs with negative scores, nothing has 
changed in Solr.


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