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From manjula wijewickrema <>
Subject How to get file names instead of paths?
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2010 10:20:12 GMT

Using the following programme I was able to get the entire file path of
indexed files which matched with the given queries. But my intention is to
get only the file names even without .txt extention as I need to send these
file names as labels to another application. So, pls. let me know how can I
get only the file names in the following code.

Thanx in advance!

My code:


public* *class* LuceneDemo {

*public* *static* *final* String *FILES_TO_INDEX_DIRECTORY* = "filesToIndex"

*public* *static* *final* String *INDEX_DIRECTORY* = "indexDirectory";

*public* *static* *final* String *FIELD_PATH* = "path";

*public* *static* *final* String *FIELD_CONTENTS* = "contents";

*public* *static* *void* main(String[] args) *throws* Exception {







*public* *static* *void* createIndex() *throws* CorruptIndexException,
LockObtainFailedException, IOException {

 SnowballAnalyzer analyzer = *new* SnowballAnalyzer( "English",

*boolean* recreateIndexIfExists = *true*;

IndexWriter indexWriter = *new* IndexWriter(*INDEX_DIRECTORY*, analyzer,

File dir = *new* File(*FILES_TO_INDEX_DIRECTORY*);

File[] files = dir.listFiles();

*for* (File file : files) {

Document document = *new* Document();

String path = file.getCanonicalPath();

document.add(*new* Field(*FIELD_PATH*, path, Field.Store.*YES*, Field.Index.

Reader reader = *new* FileReader(file);

document.add(*new* Field(*FIELD_CONTENTS*, reader));






*public* *static* *void* searchIndex(String searchString)
*throws*IOException, ParseException {

System.*out*.println("Searching for '" + searchString + "'");

Directory directory = FSDirectory.getDirectory(*INDEX_DIRECTORY*);

IndexReader indexReader =;

IndexSearcher indexSearcher = *new* IndexSearcher(indexReader);

 SnowballAnalyzer analyzer = *new* SnowballAnalyzer( "English",

QueryParser queryParser = *new* QueryParser(*FIELD_CONTENTS*, analyzer);

Query query = queryParser.parse(searchString);

Hits hits =;

System.*out*.println("Number of hits: " + hits.length());

TopDocs results =,10);

ScoreDoc[] hits1 = results.scoreDocs;

*for* (ScoreDoc hit : hits1) {

Document doc = indexSearcher.doc(hit.doc);

System.*out*.printf("%5.3f %s\n",hit.score,doc.get(*FIELD_CONTENTS*));


 Iterator<Hit> it = hits.iterator();

*while* (it.hasNext()) {

Hit hit =;

Document document = hit.getDocument();

String path = document.get(*FIELD_PATH*);

System.*out*.println("Hit: " + path);




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