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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: NumericField API
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 13:56:47 GMT

> >> 3) NumericField API is marked as experimental and volatile
> >> ( Is there
> >> any other "stable" API I can rely on in Lucene 3.0? If not, what
> >> would be
> > possible
> >> NumericField replacement I could use now?
> >
> > "Experimental" in Lucene's API *only* means that the API (method
> > signatures,
> > classes) may change suddenly. The features are tested and working.
> My point was - I totally understand that a piece of API could have been
> deprecated and  replaced with something else. That's the life we're
> But would it not then make sense to replace it with something else which
> also reasonably stable (in terms of API)?
> Because developers aren't left with many options now - they have to
> from using one API which is unavailable to another which is likely to
> rather sooner than later. It's just an early observation as historically
> has been doing an amazing job in terms of API stability.

There are two problems:
- You can go back to your old code and you don't need to move to
NumericField at all. As noted before: The *replacement* for RangeQuery and
ConstantScoreRangeQuery is TermRangeQuery. NumericRangeQuery is a new API
and is totally different. If you use it, you have to get rid of old code and
old way of use patterns - sorry :-)
- 3.0 breaks backwards, so you cannot use any legacy-APIs anymore


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