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From "Stephen Greene" <>
Subject RE: Term offsets for highlighting
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 14:52:21 GMT
Hi Koji,

Thank you again for your continued assistance.
The code below details the code I used in Lucene 2.4 to highlight terms
(which did not correctly highlight terms).
>From your previous email, is there a way to access a TermVector
containing only matched terms, or is my previous approach still the
correct way to proceed.



public HitTermTagger(Scorer pScorer) {
        _mScorer = pScorer;

    public ArrayList<KeyValuePair<Integer,Integer>> tagText(TokenStream
        StringBuilder sbTaggedText = new StringBuilder();

        final Token reusableToken = new Token();
        int startOffset = -1;
        int endOffset = -1;
        float score;
        ArrayList<KeyValuePair<Integer,Integer>> results =
                new ArrayList<KeyValuePair<Integer,Integer>>();

        TokenGroup tokenGroup = new TokenGroup();

        //initialize scorer

        try {
            for(Token nextToken =;
                (nextToken != null);
                nextToken =
                //if((tokenGroup.getNumTokens() >
0)&&(tokenGroup.isDistinct(nextToken))) {
                if(nextToken.startOffset() > endOffset) {
                    score = _mScorer.getTokenScore(nextToken);
                    if(score > 0.0) {
                        startOffset = nextToken.startOffset();
                        endOffset = nextToken.endOffset();
-----Original Message-----
From: Koji Sekiguchi [] 
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 9:02 PM
Subject: Re: Term offsets for highlighting

Stephen Greene wrote:
> Hi Koji,
> An additional question. Is it possible to access the FieldTermStack
> the FastVectorHighlighter after the it has been populated with
> terms from the field?
> I think this would provide an ideal solution for this problem, as
> ultimately I am only concerned with returning positional offsets to
> highlighting tags applied to them in a separate process. 
> Thank you for your insight,
> Steve
Hi Steve,

You cannot access FieldTermStack from FVH, but I think you
can create it by your own. To know how to do it, please refer to To instantiate FieldTermStack, FieldQuery
object is needed. And FieldQuery object can be obtained from FVH.

But I don't understand why you need FieldTermStack. Just using
Lucene's TermVector with offsets (and positions, if necessary) doesn't
solve your problem?



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