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From Constantine Vetoshev <>
Subject Fields with Field.Store.NO and Field.Index.ANALYZED not being indexed
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 19:46:44 GMT
I have a strange problem with Field.Store.NO and Field.Index.ANALYZED
fields with Lucene 3.0.1.

I'm testing my app with twenty test documents. Each has about ten
fields. All fields except one, "Content", are set as
Field.Store.YES. The "Content" field is set as Field.Store.NO and
Field.Index.ANALYZED. Using Luke, I discovered that this "Content" field
is not persisted to the disk, except on one document (neither the first
nor the last in the list). This always happens for exactly the same
document. When I examine the Document object before writing it, it has
the "Content" field I expect.

When I change the "Content" field from Field.Store.NO to
Field.Store.YES, everything starts working. Every document has the
"Content" field exactly as I expect, and searches produce the hits I
expect to see. I really don't want to save the full "Content" data in
the Lucene index, though. I'm baffled why Field.Store.NO results in
nothing being written to the index even with Field.Index.ANALYZED.


Constantine Vetoshev

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