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From Ruben Laguna <>
Subject incorrect hits when using multiple threads
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2010 10:52:47 GMT
I'm getting incorrect results from IndexSearcher, hopefully somebody can
give me a hand.

I have a single IndexWriter instance shared by several threads that invoke
addDocument on the IW. I also have another thread that invokes commit()
periodically (every 10s). Then I have another thread that repeats the same
search shortly after each commit (it creates a new IndexSearcher and reopens
the IndexReader). The hits that I get from the IndexSearch are incorrect
(some hits really contain the search term and some not), and some of the
hits disappear or are replaced by others between searches.

      T1   T2    T3                 T4
       |    |     |                  |
       |    |     |                  |
      add  add    |                  |
       |    |   commit               |
      add  add    |               search1
       |    |   commit               |
      add  add    |               search2
       |    |   optimize             |
       |    |     |               search3
       |    |   close                |
       |    |     |               search4
       |    |     |                  |
    +------------------+  +----------------------+
    |     IndexWriter  |  | IndexSearcher/Reader |
    +------------------+  +----------------------+

    |              Directory                     |
Figure [1]

After optimizing and closing the IndexWriter the IndexSearcher gives the
correct hits though . So in figure [1] search1 and search2 gives incorrect
results (almost random sometimes) but search3 almost correct results and
search4 is OK (to be accurate search4 is performed after restarting the

I tried this in Lucene 2.9 and 3.0.1 with the same results. I tried
CFS/noCFS and I tried also the real-time reader (IndexWriter.getReader())
and I get the same results. The strange thing is that if  close the
IndexWriter before optimizing and terminate my application I can  open the
index with luke 1.0.0 and see the correct results. But when I try to open
the same index with IndexSearcher/IndexReader I get different (incorrect
results). So clearly there is a problem on how I create the IndexSearcher
but I can't figure out what the problem, can anyone take a look to the find
method in [2] and tell me what am I doing wrong?

BTW, this is the results that I get with my IndexSearcher

INFO [com.rubenlaguna.en4j.searchlucene.NoteFinderLuceneImpl]: using index
version: 1269075783764
INFO [com.rubenlaguna.en4j.searchlucene.NoteFinderLuceneImpl]: query
INFO [com.rubenlaguna.en4j.searchlucene.NoteFinderLuceneImpl]: doc id 115
matches the search.
INFO [com.rubenlaguna.en4j.searchlucene.NoteFinderLuceneImpl]: doc id 695
matches the search.
INFO [com.rubenlaguna.en4j.searchlucene.NoteFinderLuceneImpl]: doc id 703
matches the search.
INFO [com.rubenlaguna.en4j.searchlucene.NoteFinderLuceneImpl]: doc id 1094
matches the search.
INFO [com.rubenlaguna.en4j.searchlucene.NoteFinderLuceneImpl]: doc id 2177
matches the search.
INFO [com.rubenlaguna.en4j.searchlucene.NoteFinderLuceneImpl]: doc id 4436
matches the search.uceneImpl]: find took 1.027 secs. 7 results found

My app's IndexSearchers gives (115,695,03,1094,2177,4436) compared with the
results that I get from the same search with luke
(9489,12961,9481,9780,12025,12732,7967). They are totally different!. The
IndexSearcher in my app says that the index version is 1269075783764 whereas
Luke says that the version is 1277acfb054??


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