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Subject In memory indexes in clucene
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 08:42:46 GMT


I was looking into Lucene in-memory Indexes using RAMDirectory.
It has also provided with something "MMapDirectory"

I want the indexes to persist , so want go for FSDirectory. But to enhance
the searching capability , need to put the indexes onto
RAM. Now , problem is how can i synchronise both disk and ram based indices.

MMApDirectory in lucene seems to b faster than FSDirectory and no overhead
of getting disk and map synchronised. if this is provided in clucene?

Please suggest the alternatives to achieve performance in searching.

note: In present system ,I am creating lucene index in one server and
distributing the same( files .cfs ,segments, deletable..) to similar
directory structure to other slave  and using it for search.
So need a way by which i can copy the clucene indexed files , onto memory
once. and then perform searching using pointer to that structure in memory

So let me know how to go abt it.

Thanks in advance,

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