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From Rene Hackl-Sommer <>
Subject Re: Increase number of available positions?
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 21:09:37 GMT
Hi Erick,
> What about indexing
> the triplets with a small increment gap between? That is:
> ...
> gets indexed as:
> level1-1/level2-1/level3-1  +gap 100
> level1-1/level2-1/level3-2  +gap 100
> level1-1/level2-2/level3-3  +gap 100
> level1-1/level2-2/level3-4

If I understand this correctly, the field would look like 
"level1-1/level2-1/level3-1 Term1 Term2 level1-1/level2-1/level3-2 Term3 
Term4 "?

I think, the problem here is the same like in the Payloads approach I 
wrote of in my response to Steve's mail. We cannot test for equality at 
search time (please correct me if we actually can do this). So if we have


and I search for T1 and T2 on level3, but want them to be in the same 
level2, this cannot be done satisfactorily.

> Or you could think about *documents* being your level1, that is each
> document has one and only one level1 element but many documents
> may have the same level1 token. Combining this with your increment
> gap notion for level2-3 might work for you.

I was thinking about this, yet the trouble is that the issue at hand is 
just one field in an already not quite trivial scenario involving 200+ 
fields. If I add say 50 level1-documents per real document, I would 
still need to be able to relate these level1-documents to the real 
documents to which they belong, and, during retrieval, there are use 
cases where I need to look into each of the level1-documents to see if 
they fulfill certain criteria and then, in a further step, ascertain 
whether I can gather the needed level1-documents to fulfill the query on 
a "MyField"-Level (not existant here per se). I feel this might get 
somewhat unwieldy.

> You might also search the list for "Heirarchal" or "tree" indexing,
> this is a variant of such I think.

Thank you, I'll look into this.


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