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From Rene Hackl-Sommer <>
Subject Increase number of available positions?
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 09:03:26 GMT

I am working at a use case that is very demanding regarding the number 
of token positions. For one special field in the index, I need to 
represent different hierarchy levels, like this:


Please note that I need to do this with Lucene, not a XML search engine.

Now, on Level_3 there a hundreds of tokens, Level_2 also has hundreds of 
entries and Level_1 is in there with a low 3-digit figure. For those who 
wish to know: this is an intricate system of chemical entities and some 
their properties.

I need this information to be searchable in all conceivable ways. What I 
am doing right now is use position increment gaps to separate the Levels 
and search with SpanQueries. It works like a charm for a setup with 
limited entries. But Integer.MAX_VALUE poses a cap on the approach, of 
course. Would it be thinkable to replace the current integer counting 
system with a long based system? What issues should I consider?


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