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From Disc Magnet <>
Subject Is Lucene good to maintain metadata in a hierarchical manner?
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2010 13:57:50 GMT

I want to know whether Lucene is good for a situation like this:

We need to store metadata about various users of our application in this format.

1. Name
2. Time of registration
3. Other details

The users are divided into various classes, e.g. prospective customer,
customer, employee, etc.

In a file system approach, one would create a folder for each class
and put the details of each user as a file in the correct folder.
Another approach would be to have a file for each class and put the
details of each user as a record in the file. Then we would run the
Linux commands like grep, sed, awk, etc. to search through the files
and select the information we want.

I am wondering if Lucene is good enough for such a problem. If yes,
what advantages does it offer over RDBMSes. Also, what is more suited
to the problem I have mentioned: Lucene or Solr?

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