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From Mark Harwood <>
Subject Re: Query about Query.ToString()
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 07:32:05 GMT
Yes it is being maintained and I have it in production on many large systems. 
Phrase prefix wildcard etc can be supported using the "UserQuery" tag which hands off to the
regular Lucene QueryParser. It would be easy to add XML tags for these types but these clauses
tend to be provided by users anyway as part of free-text fields. The other XML syntax tends
to be useful for capturing all the other structured input eg date ranges, checkboxes etc as
filters or caches filters. 
I intend to give it a 3.0 refresh to add geo etc soon

On 18 Feb 2010, at 02:12, Chris Lu <> wrote:

XMLQueryParser is pretty good start. However, is it being maintained recently?

I noticed many Query class are not supported, like PrefixQuery, or even PhraseQuery.
Is it for some particular reason or simply lack of resource?

Chris Lu
Instant Scalable Full-Text Search On Any Database/Application
Lucene Database Search in 3 minutes:
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Mark Harwood wrote:
This was part of the rationale for creating the XMLQueryParser which can be found in contrib.

See here for the background:

On 17 Feb 2010, at 18:44, Aaron Schon wrote:

Hi all, I know that persisting a Lucene query by query ToString() method. Is there any way
of reconstructing the query from the string itself?
The usecase is that I will be storing a library of queries as strings and load the appropriate
query (from the string) based on some conditions.

Is this possible? Could you share a code snippet?

p.s. apologies for the double posting (I had asked this on Lucene general and was asked to
ask here instead)

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