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From jchang <>
Subject Can Zoie (or something else) help me to write/update/delete to sharded index?
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 18:06:05 GMT

I want to shard my index, which is currently a Lucene 3.0.0 solution with my
own service wrapper around it.  Looking at Katta and Solr, I can see how to
do this pretty easily, but Katta and Solr don't seem to offer any help for
managing the index (write, update, delete).  With Solor, it seems I'm
totally on my own for writing the shards.  

With Katta, I can add an index, but I then can't update it with deletes and
updates, which is a must.  I can add index "FOO" with documents 1-100, but
then I can't update index "FOO" any longer; there just seems to be an add
index method, and if I re-add under the name "FOO" I get errors.  I could
just keep adding unique index names ("FOO", "FOO_1", "FOO_2", etc), and then
search against them all.  But the problem is that if I need to update or
delete a doc in an index, I don't have a way to do it.  Even if I remembered
which index it is in (which would be a pain I'd hope to avoid), I still have
no way of getting back to that specific index to update its contents.

Can Zoie help me here?  Can it help me manage a sharded index with updates
and deletes?  If not zoie, anybody know what could?  I do prefer the
solution offer near-real-time searching of new docs, but a certain amount of
lag time would be acceptable.
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