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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: incremental document field update
Date Sun, 17 Jan 2010 10:06:06 GMT
On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 4:33 AM, Babak Farhang <> wrote:
> Thanks Mike!  This is pretty cool..
> So LUCENE-1879 takes care of aligning (syncing) doc-ids across
> parallel index / segment merges. Missing is the machinery for
> updating a field (or fields) in a parallel slave index: to do this the
> appropriate segment in the slave index must somehow be rewritten.
> (right?)

I think you're right -- though I haven't looked closely in a while.  I
think under LUCENE-1879, the entire secondary index must be fully
rewritten whenever any changes are made.  But the thinking is that the
secondary index has smallish fields so this might be OK (but I agree,
does not scale up well).

> In order to support this feature, I'm thinking one could implement
> an UpdateableSlaveIndexWriter / UpdateableSlaveIndexReader
> pair. UpdateableSlaveIndexWriter is an IndexWriter with a special
> updateField[s] method that uses a (I think, per-segment, not sure)
> write-ahead log to map a to-be-deleted doc-id in to a newly created
> doc-id.  It also maintains other statistics such as a virtual maxDocId.
> The UpdateableSlaveIndexReader would play back this log file (if
> any) and maintain the mappings in-memory.
> I imagine there would also have to be a UpdateableSlaveIndexReader
> variant that works on individual slave index segments rather than the
> entire collection of segments that comprise the slave index. This, say,
> UpdateableSlaveIndexSegReader would be used in lieu of the
> SegmentReader instances currently used for merging segments.

This sounds very interesting!

So the idea is, I can change the field for only a few docs in a
massive index, and the amount of "work" done, and bytes written, is in
proportion only to how many docs were changed?

What would the actual data structure look like on disk?  And what
would be loaded into RAM such that eg enumerating a postings lists
would work correctly?  You'd have to remap docIDs on the fly, right?

> The SegmentMerger class appears to be sufficiently agnostic about the
> exact type of the IndexReader instances that represent the inputs to the
> merge (though it does favor SegmentReader subclasses). So far so
> good.  However, there appear to be a number of other junctures in the
> merge code that depend on the static SegmentReader.get methods.
> These would have to be indirected through some factory mechanism
> so that we could return our UpdateableSlaveIndexSegReader.

Yeah this has been a growing problem... or at least others have bumped
up against this.  We are wanting to factor out the ReaderPool
(currently embedded in IndexWriter) to a public standalone class that
would be the "standard" factory for getting new SegmentReaders.  I
think SegmentMerger would then use this, and apps could specify their
own ReaderPool impl to produce whichever impl they wanted.  This is
being tracked (well, only started at this point) in LUCENE-2026.

> Is the approach I'm describing sensible? Or did I get it all wrong? (This
> was my first look at this code, so it is entirely possible that I'm making
> a fool of myself ;)

This sounds great so far!  Individually updateable fields would be an
awesome addition to Lucene (it's often asked about).


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