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From Chris Lu <>
Subject Re: index a mysql database -blob field
Date Sat, 30 Jan 2010 05:43:38 GMT
For blob, it is not so simple since BLOB could contain different file 
types, like HTML, pdf, word, zip file type.
So besides getting results out via resultSet.getBlob() function, you 
will need to convert the binary stream into simple text strings.

DBSight free version already can read the blog content, based on file 
name extension. You will need a file name extension, or some other way, 
to know what kind of BLOB content it contains.


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luciusvorenus wrote:
> helo 
> One more question to blob :
> ""d.add(new Field("txt", rs.getString("subject"), Field.Store.NO,
> Field.Index.ANALYZED));"""
> but how can i index a blob? 
> the field txt is a blob ... with rs.geBlob(txt) ?
> thank u
> thank 

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