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From Karl Wettin <>
Subject Re: Lucene as a primary datastore
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2010 17:35:37 GMT

20 jan 2010 kl. 04.58 skrev Guido Bartolucci:

> Am I just ignorant and scared of Lucene and too trusting of Oracle  
> and MySQL?

Since all your comparations is with relational databases I feel  
obligated to say what has been said so many times on this list:

Lucene is an index and not a relational database. There are many  
things you can do with a relational database you don't even want to  
try to do with a Lucene index.

What Lucene can do without a problem is to act as a key-value store.

My indices does however tend to evolve. I find ways to improve the  
index and that often result in rebuilding the index from scratch. That  
can be problematic if the index also act as the primary persistency  
layer. Therefore I've occationally used Lucene as a secondary  
persistency layer, i.e. pushed data from the primary persistency  
(usually a Berkeley DB) to Lucene (Solr) for easy and up to date  
distribution of the domain data the index points at. But to be quite  
honest I don't like it and I can't explain why in more detail than  
that it feels wrong. It's always been a hack to save time. (Since BDB  
JE came with distribution I don't do this anymore.)


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