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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Using the new tokenizer API from a jar file
Date Mon, 28 Dec 2009 03:26:37 GMT

: I tried to use it with solr and the problems began. It's always telling me
: that it cannot find the class GlossAttributeImpl. I think the problem is
: that my jar file is added to the class path at run time not from the command
: line. Do you have a good solution or workaround?

You're likely to get mmore helpful answers from other people in the Solr 
User community (solr-user@lucene.a.o)

As long as you put your jar in the "lib" directory under your solr home 
(or refrence it using a <lib/> directive in your solrconfig.xml) Solr's 
plugin loader will take care of hte classloading for you.

if you are confident you have your jar in the correct place, please email 
solr-user with the ClassNotFound stack trace from your solr logs, as well 
as hierarchy  of files from your solr home (ie: the output of "find .")


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