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From "Elias Khsheibun" <>
Subject RE: Payloads
Date Sat, 19 Dec 2009 22:44:37 GMT
What do you mean by a custom one - please explain. I must use a
PayloadTermQuery ?

And for the TermPositionPayloadTokenFilter there is a method that is not
used - incrementToken (only used in the main method) ... I didn't see in the
code the place that examines if the query term is at an even offset of the
document I can see it is only called from the main method - but how should
this work all together ?

Thank you.

> If I need to override the QueryParser
> to return PayloadTermQuery, what
> function for PayloadFunction should I use in the constructor (If you 
> can show me an example).

I am not sure about that. Maybe custom one.

> In your code I didn't see an indexer, will this work with the regular 
> IndexWriter but with the new Analyzer that you overloaded

No, at index time [IndexWriter] you are going to use a new analyzer that
uses WhitespaceTokenizer  + TermPositionPayloadTokenFilter.

PayloadAnalyzer will be used at query time. [QueryParser]

You need to setSimilarity(new CustomSimilarity) of both indexer and

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