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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Lucene memory usage
Date Fri, 25 Dec 2009 11:36:25 GMT
Sorry, LUCENE-1458 is "continuing" under LUCENE-2111 (ie, flexible
indexing is not yet committed).  I've just added a comment to
LUCENE-1458 to that effect.

Lucene, even with flexible indexing, loads the terms index entirely
into RAM (it's just that the terms index in flexible indexing has less
RAM overhead per indexed term).

With flexible indexing one could create a codec that would use mmap
for the terms index, and I agree it's tempting to explore that.  Lucy
(loose C port of Lucene -- is taking
exactly that approach, not only for terms dict but also for all other
RAM resident data structures in Lucene (deleted docs, field norms,
field/sort cache).

The problem is, with mmap, you're more likely to hit page faults when
looking up a term, especially if the machine doesn't have enough RAM,
which can add substantially to the net latency of the search.  This
might not be a problem for certain apps, but it would be a problem in
general for Lucene.  Lucene loads the terms index into RAM so lookups
are fast.  (Of course the OS can also swap out process RAM, though it
usually does so less "eagerly" than mapped pages).

Have you tried setting the termInfosIndexDivisor when opening the
IndexReader?  EG a setting of 2 would load every 256th term (instead
of every 128th term) into RAM, halving RAM usage, with the downside
being that looking up a term will generally take longer since it'll
require more scanning.


On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 11:32 PM, tsuraan <> wrote:
>> This (very large number of unique terms) is a problem for Lucene currently.
>> There are some simple improvements we could make to the terms dict
>> format to not require so much RAM per term in the terms index...
>> LUCENE-1458 (flexible indexing) has these improvements, but
>> unfortunately tied in w/ lots of other changes.  Maybe we should break
>> out a separate issue for this... this'd be a great contained
>> improvement, if anyone out there has "the itch" :)
> Resurrecting an old thread, but it's a concern that I have as well, so
> I thought I'd add on to this.
> It looks like issue 1458 was resolved on dec. 3, but I couldn't figure
> out what the resolution was.  Does lucene 3.0 have a more
> memory-friendly replacement to reading the entire .tii file into RAM?
> If not, would just mmap'ing the .tii file and skipping around in the
> mmap be a better solution than essentially reading the entire file and
> keeping it in arrays on the heap?
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