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From tsuraan <>
Subject Re: Copy and augment an indexed Document
Date Thu, 31 Dec 2009 02:20:23 GMT
> It's an open question whether this is more or less work than
> re-parsing the document (I infer that you have the originals
> available). Before trying to reconstruct the document I'd
> ask how often you need to do this. The gremlins coming out
> of the woodwork from reconstruction would consume a lot
> of resources. For instance, could you guarantee term positions
> when you re-indexed the reconstructed document?
> What about stemmed words? How about synonyms?
> And are you willing to spend the time tracking down the
> bugs?

Well, that does sound like a ton of fun.  It's not terrible for me to
create new documents; the biggest issue is that they can be a bit on
the large side, and I thought that if I could use what's already
stored in the index rather than having to make lucene re-analyze it,
maybe things could be faster/easier.  It sounds like that isn't the
case :)

> As I said, I wouldn't go there until forced....

Yeah, that works.  I'll stick with feeding documents in the good old
fashioned way.

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