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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: Query joining 2 indexes
Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 14:52:22 GMT
Well, making a large OR clause is definitely more efficient than making
N different requests, but you would have to search the results. It doesn't
sound very performant.

Could you go to 50,000 ids? yes, but you have to fiddle with
because Lucene defaults to a max of 1,024.

There's no way I know of to emulate a DB join. Usually, whenever I try
the answer is to flatten my data but I don't see a good way to do that
in this case.

Hmmm, what do you think would happen if you opened an IndexReader
into your Hourly index straight from your Daily query? Something like:

IndexReader irHourly = <open index reader to Hourly>.
for (each hit in Daily) {
    for (each id in this Hourly doc) {
         Document doc irHourly.doc(<id in hit>);
         addToResponse(doc); // your method here.....

You *probably* want to keep the Hourly reader open between requests, but
since the above isn't searching, you *might* be able to open it each time.
go for keeping it open between requests if at all possible.

And here's a wild and crazy idea. Remember that Lucene documents don't
require that *any* fields be in common. It might make your management
easier if you *combined* the indexes. Crudely, prefix each Daily field with
"D_" and each hourly field with "H_" and put 'em all in the same index. I'm
not claiming that's a good solution in your case, but I thought I'd mention
as a possibility. You still can't do joins on them though.....


On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 9:08 AM, Fran├žois Eric <>wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a performance problem and would need expert advice on how to go
> about fixing it:
> I currently have 2 indexes: Daily and Hourly.  The Daily index contains
> about 1,000,000 documents and my Hourly index approximately: 24,000,000
> documents.  My Daily index contains many fields and some of them are IDs to
> my Hourly Index.
> What I want to do is fetch data in one request (if possible).
> Right now I do it in many requests:
> 1- Get the matching Daily documents (say it returns 500 documents)
> 2- For each of these documents, locate the Hourly Index Id and fetch it.
> Therefore I make 501 requests to lucene.  This causes some performance
> issues I guess because of the overhead to  making a request to Lucene.
> Is it possible to do this in 1 request?  I'm thinking no because I'm not
> sure what the result set would be but maybe I'm missing something.
> If not I guess it would be possible to build a query with my 500 hourly ids
> and make a OR between them to make it in 2 requests....but then I have to
> find the matching documents.  Will this overflow if I have 50000 ids in my
> query?
> Anyway, I just want advice on how one would address this situation.
> Thank you very much,
> Fran├žois
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