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From Scott Ribe <>
Subject Polishing up my Lucene integration, customizing analyzer
Date Sun, 15 Nov 2009 21:58:38 GMT
I bought the original Lucene in Action, read it, set up integration with my
system--a small Java daemon that monitors db for changes & updates the
index, and listens for queries and processes them...

Now I'd like to customize query parsing to better fit the particular
application and users. I'm thinking I need a customized analyzer:

- Handles email addresses, acronyms, etc the way StandardAnalyzer does.

- Turns stop words into Nutch-style bigrams.

- Defaults to "AND" instead of "OR".

- Defaults to in-order phrase queries instead of unordered proximities.

A lot has changed since 2004, as you guys know ;-) So I waded through
release notes & docs and found many of the differences that mattered for my
use and got it working with 2.9.0. But I'm a bit lost as to how to get that
combination of features in an analyzer--obviously a couple of them are
simple settings to StandardAnalyzer, but not all, particularly those first
two items...

Any hints or directions appreciated.

Scott Ribe
(303) 722-0567 voice

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