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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Searching while optimizing
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2009 16:59:43 GMT
On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 9:08 AM, vsevel <> wrote:

> Hi, just to make sure I understand correctly... After an optimize, without
> any reader, my index takes 30Gb on the disk. Are you saying that if I can
> ensure there is only one reader at a time, it could take up to 120Gb on the
> disk if searching while an optimize is going on?
> I did not get your 3X when there is no reader. In that situation isn't that
> the nominal size?

If before optimizing your index takes 30 GB, then you open a writer,
and start the optimize and wait for it to finish, it can take up to 90
GB.  Once the optimize is done, but before you commit, 60 GB will be
in use.  Once you commit/close this will drop to 30 GB.

(These are all worst-case numbers -- in practice, an optimized index
is smaller, sometimes by alot eg if there are many pending deletions,
than the original).

If the reader was already opened before you opened the writer, then
there's no change to disk space requirements (because the reader has
opened a commit (the starting commit) that the writer will not delete,

But if you open a new reader while the optimize is underway, it's
possible to require total 120 GB of space (30 GB for your index, 90 GB
transient), because the reader is holding open temporary segments that
the writer wants to delete.  If you open more than one reader, and
don't close the old ones, you can tie up even more disk space.

> different subject: I saw in 3.0.0RC1 that interrupting a merging thread was
> being discussed. couldn't you do something similar for searches. I let my
> users do full text searches on documents with over 50 fields. if using too
> many wildcards, the search could take a long time. and rather than
> restricting what they can do, I would rather let them cancel the search
> gracefully. would that be something feasible?

IndexWriter is interruptible via Thread.interrupt(), but searching
currently is not.  However, TimeLimitingCollector can be used to set a
timeout for searches.


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