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From Chris Lu <>
Subject Re: How to use Lucene to suppot quick search on huge databases where the primary content is of non textual format ?
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 18:46:09 GMT
If all you do is exact match, you can create non-unique indexes on 
columns, or functional indexes.

If the database index is optimal, there should not be much performance 
difference between database approach vs Lucene approach.

Lucene's inverted index is just one kind of data structure for quick 
data access. For your exact matching, it may not help much.
Creating and maintaining Lucene index is surely more coding than create 
a database index though.

Chris Lu
Instant Scalable Full-Text Search On Any Database/Application
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s_kumar wrote:
> The requirement is to perform a Quick search on a DB table that has more than
> a million real estate property records where the primary search criteria is
> state/city, state/county or zip code. How can I use lucene effectively in
> this case ? Which one will be better a plain sql search on the DB table or a
> lucene search with some sort of a index constructed (not sure how to go
> about this) ?
> Please Advice.

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