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From Jérôme Thièvre <>
Subject Re: merging Parallel indexes (can indexWriter.addIndexesNoOptimize be used?)
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2009 13:24:57 GMT
Hello Geert-Jan,

it's possible to merge several parallel physical indexes (viewed as one 
logical index with a ParallelReader).
Just use the method IndexWriter.addIndexes(IndexReader[] readers):

IndexReader[]  physicalReaders = ...; // Your readers here

IndexWriter iw = new IndexWriter(...);
ParallelReader parallelReader = new ParallelReader(true);

for(IndexReader reader : physicalReaders)
parallelReader .add(reader);

IndexReader[] readersToMerge = { parallelReader };
// Optional optimize

I used this trick to deploy an index made of 4 parallel indexes. Using 
ParallelReader on large indexes is not very efficient for searching , 
but I need to use parallel indexes because one of them is huge but 
evolve very slowly compared to the others.


Britske a écrit :
> Given two parallel indexes which contain the same products but different
> fields, one with slowly changing fields and one with fields which are
> updated regularly: 
> Is it possible to periodically merge these to form a single index?  (thereby
> representing a frozen snapshot in time) 
> For example: Can indexWriter.addIndexesNoOptimize handle this, or was it
> (only) designed for merging shards? 
> If not, is there another option (3rd party or not) to use, or would I have
> to resort to low-level hacking? 
> Thanks, 
> Geert-Jan

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