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From vsevel <>
Subject Re: OutofMemory in large index
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2009 16:32:02 GMT

Hi, I am jumping into the thread because I have got a similar issue.
My index is 30Gb large and contains 21M docs.
I was able to stay with 1Gb of RAM on the server for a while. Recently I
started to simulate parallel searches. Just 2 parallel searches would get
the server to crash with out of memory errors. I upgraded the server to 3Gb
of RAM and I was able to run happily 10 parallel full text searches on my
My questions:
 - is 3Gb a relatively normal amount of memory for a server doing lucene
 - when is that going to stop? I am planning to have at least 40M docs in my
index. will I need to go from 2.5 to 5Gb of RAM? what about 60M docs? what
about 20 concurrent searches?
 - are there any safety mechanisms that would get a search to abort rather
than make the server crash with out of memory?

Simon Willnauer wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 11:17 AM, Ian Lea <> wrote:
>>> I got OutOfMemoryError at
>>> My index is 43G bytes.  Is that too big for Lucene ?
>>> Luke can see the index has over 1800M docs, but the search is also out
>>> of memory.
>>> I use -Xmx1024M to specify 1G java heap space.
>> 43Gb is not too big for lucene, but it certainly isn't small and that
>> is a lot of docs.  Just give it more memory.
> I would strongly recommend to give it more memory, what version of
> lucene do you use? Depending on your setup you could run into a JVM
> bug if you use a lucene version < 2.9. Your index is big enough
> (document wise) that you norms file grows > 100MB, depending on your
> Xmx settings this could trigger a false OOM during index open. So if
> you are using < 2.9 check out this issue
>>> One abnormal thing is that I broke a running optimize of this index.
>>> Is that can be a problem ?
>> Possibly ...
> In general, this should not be a problem. The optimize will not
> destroy the index you are optimizing as segments are write once.
>>> If so, how can I fix an index after optimize process is broken.
>> Probably depends on what you mean by broken.  Start with running
>> org.apache.lucene.index.CheckIndex.  That can also fix some things -
>> but see the warning in the javadocs.
> 100% recommended to make sure nothing is wrong! :)
>> --
>> Ian.

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