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From Paul Elschot <>
Subject Re: Efficient filtering advise
Date Sun, 22 Nov 2009 15:51:15 GMT
Try a MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter instead of the QueryFilter.
I'd expect a modest gain in performance.

In case it is possible to form a few groups of terms that are reused,
it could even be more efficient to also use a CachingWrapperFilter
for each of these groups.

Paul Elschot

Op zondag 22 november 2009 15:48:39 schreef Eran Sevi:
> Hi,
> I have a need to filter my queries using a rather large subset of terms (can
> be 10K or even 50K).
> All these terms are sure to exist in the index so the number of results can
> be about the same number of terms in the filter.
> The terms are numbers but are not subsequent and are from a large set of
> possible values (so range queries are probably not good for me).
> The index itself is about 1M docs and running even a simple query with such
> a large filter takes a lot of time even if the number of results is only a
> few hundred docs.
> It seems like the speed is affected by the length of the filter even if the
> number of results remains more or less the same, which is logical but not by
> such a large loss of performance as I'm experiencing (running the query with
> a 10K terms filter takes an average of 1s 187ms with 600 results while
> running it with a 50K terms filter takes an average of 5s 207ms with 1000
> results).
> Currently I'm using a QueryFilter with a boolean query in which I "OR" the
> different terms together.
> I also can't use a cached filter efficiently since the terms to filter on
> change almost every query.
> I was wondering if there's a better way to filter my queries so they won't
> take a few seconds to run?
> Thanks in advance for any advise,
> Eran.

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