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From Chris Lu <>
Subject Re: Merging Indexes
Date Mon, 26 Oct 2009 23:52:08 GMT
Pretty sure you can delete the small indexes after the merge.

BTW: How long does your indexing and merging take respectively?


Chris Lu
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K. M. McCormick wrote:
> Hello:
> Currently, I have a large index being build in sections. The indexing
> program has multiple threads which it uses to optimize time; each thread
> makes its own, separate index to avoid threads fighting over resources. At
> the end of the program, the indexes are merged into a single index.
> ...I've read both that merging deletes and does not delete the indexes
> merged. It looks like they're not being deleted, since when I check on the
> sizes of each index, I see the following:
> 361M    term2gm/WorkerThread0
> 357M    term2gm/WorkerThread1
> 449M    term2gm/WorkerThread2
> 404M    term2gm/WorkerThread3
> 359M    term2gm/WorkerThread4
> 274M    term2gm/WorkerThread5
> 428M    term2gm/WorkerThread6
> 306M    term2gm/WorkerThread7
> 317M    term2gm/WorkerThread8
> 309M    term2gm/WorkerThread9
> 2.8G    term2gm/finalindex_term2gm
> The final index is the merged index at the end of the program. Is it safe
> for me to delete the WorkerThread# indexes, or do I need to keep them so
> that my final, merged index is maintained?
> Also, if I merge indexes later, will the original indexes be kept, or
> deleted, after the merge? Like I said, I've read it both ways, and I want to
> be sure of how it is with Lucene 2.4.1 / Lucene 2.9
> Thanks!
> Kylie

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