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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject How do you properly use NumericField
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2009 19:26:14 GMT

I currently use NumberTools.longToString() to add integer fields to an 
index and allow range searching, then when searching I then preprocess 
the query (using regular expressions) and convert integer fields to 
NumberTools.longToString  before it is parsed by the QueryParser, then 
when I return the results I use NumberTools.stringToLong(), so my 
implementation is flaky. Now I'm using Lucene 2.9 I thought Id use 
NumericField and hoped I could remove the preprocessing instead but I'm 
really not clear what I do on the indexing and searching side. I've even 
just bought the MEAP version of Lucene Action 2nd Edition and it doesn't 
even get a mention (nor does NumberTools for that matter it just 
mentions padding numbers with zeroes).

So please anyone got a simple example of how to add a numeric field to 
an index, and what has to be done on the search side, assuming receiving 
a text string that gets parsed by the QueryParser

thanks Paul

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