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From Christian Robert <>
Subject Re: Pagination and Sorting
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 11:53:01 GMT

> You are using TopDocs incorrectly. Normally you use *not* Integer.MAX_VALUE,
> as the upper bound of your pagination window as numer of documents. So if
> user wants to display documents 90 to 100, just set the number to 100 docs.
> If the user then goes to docs 100 to 110, just reexecute ther query with a
> larger value. [...] If somebody goes further, just raise and reexecute query.

That's what I thought of as workaround for the first pages. But at
some point the user might want to see the last page of the results,
so eventually I will have to call

  TopDocs topDocs =, null, 300500, sort);

and still run into an error. Right now I'd present the user with an
error message like "The search returned too many results, please further
restrict your search" but a more generic solution would sound a lot
better ;)


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