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From Mindaugas Žakšauskas <>
Subject Memory consumed by IndexSearcher
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 14:32:05 GMT

I was wondering what would be sensible amount of memory IndexSearcher
can consume? In my application we do retain reference to it for
quicker searches; however I have become a bit worried for it being a
memory hog. We are using Lucene 2.4.0 on 8 CPU Linux SMP box; JVM is
Sun's 1.6.0_14 64-Bit Server VM.

I am asking because I have ended up with IndexSearcher having Retained
size [1] of 145M. All of this memory is being eaten by
IndexSearcher::reader::subReaders[]. The reader is MultiSegmentReader
and all subReaders are SegmentReader. My memory dump showed subReaders
array having size of 37 SegmentReaders, 2 to 5 M each. I can send
YouKit screenshot if anyone's interested.

All of that should be viewed in the light of index size on the disk,
which is only 22M.

I appreciate that all of this memory can be used for legitimate
purposes; however is there a way to know when does it go over sensible
limit? Can there be a "sensible" limit at all? Also, is it possible to
set the physical boundary the IndexSearcher would never go over?

Thanks in advance for all answers.



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