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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: New "Stream closed" exception with Java 6 - solved
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2009 16:58:09 GMT

: > not really ... adding a document multiple times is a perfectly legal use 
: > case, adding a document with a "Reader" based field where the reader is 
: > already closed ... that's not legal (And Lucene doesn't really have any 
: > way of knowing if the Reader is closed because *it* closed it.

: Now I am confused, I must be missing something fundamental.  I take no 
: action that I am aware of which closes the Reader, so how is it 
: happening?  The attached code demonstrates the exception - please can 
: you advise on what is happening under the covers?  :-)

sorry for confusing you ... i should have said there are *some* use cases 
where adding the same document twice is legal -- but documents contain 
Fields that specify a reader are not one of those cases -- IndexWriter
consumes and closes the Reader to get the tokens for indexing, and the 
next time you re-add that same Document, the Reader is already closed.

My point was in response to your question about why IndexWRiter doesn't 
give you a different error about duplicate documents: it can't because 
there are *other* cases where indexing the same doc over and over is fine 
(docs that just contain simple strings).  All IndexWRiter kows when it 
sees a closed Reader is that it's closed, and it can't read from it -- it 
has no way of knowing *why* it's closed.  (trying to keep track of ever 
Reader IndexWriter ever closed would be an intractable problem)


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