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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Filtering question/advice
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2009 22:24:38 GMT
: Hi
: I include a testcase to show what I am trying to do.  Testcase number 3
: fails.

the mailing list is finicky about attachments ... the best thing to do is 
to include your test case directly in the body of your email as plain 

: > I created a test case to test this solution and it works. The problem is
: > that if UWB searches for "HELLO" that exists in another field such as:
: > data:HELLO then he should get a result. It's only when the query is matched
: > on reference he should not see anything.  My testcase fails when the match
: > is made on the data field as the security filter does not pass (valid
: > filter).  Is there a way around this?  Hope this made sense!

it sounds like perhaps you just need to group your clauses...

  data:HELLO (uw-reference:HELLO +uw-uwb:HELLO)

...if HELLO is in data, you'll get a match regardless of the other fields.  
if it's not in data, but it is in uw-reference, it will only match if it's 
also in uw-uwb.


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